What does quality mean?

Innovation and security are basic elements of our products and benefits. But the word “Quality” means more to us. Constant advancement and development of our own service offer our customers and partners a higher added value. This allows more benefit to the same price.

How far does our quality extend?

This means, highest quality not only for our products, but also for all our operational procedure and our whole organization. To prove this to our partners and to give them an objective, transparent and detectable evaluation of our services, our management system was voluntarily put to the test according to the criteria set by the IS09001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 and was successfully credited by Quality Austria.

Quality policy

We want to offer our customers and partners an optimal and transparent activity from their telemedicine service.
This means:

  • An all-encompassing focus on customer use procedures and thereby an emphasis on a highly effective orientated service.
  • Constant intern discussions to correct the medicinal and technical process quality

We want a constantly high customer satisfaction.

  • Constant acquisition of the customer satisfaction
  • Acquisition of opinions of our customers and complaints, and also contemporary leading-in of arrangements

We want the most effective and efficient implementation of all resources to ensure maximum performance.
This means:

  • The continuing co-operative work of all relevant partners
  • intelligent process organization (90 degrees shift)