Project: Teledermatological Support for Relatives and Patients with Ulcera Cruris

Aim: Improvement of the domestic assistance of patients with ulcera cruris.

Starting Position
1 – 2% of the population suffers from chronic wounds, where most of the affected persons are elderly and multimorbid. Because of a lack of specialty centres, often a chronic wound will not get proper treatment in time.

Project Plan
Patients with chronic ulcera and their relatives get instructions to treat their wounds. In addition this app will be provided to document the course of their wounds in time. Patients can fill out a questionnaire once in a week and send it to the wound experts. They also can send pictures of their wounds. The wound expert will then decide how the wounds are to be treated further.


  • amount of hospital visits
  • improvement of life quality
  • size of ulcus

The project is supported by the Austrian society for dermatology and venereology in the context of the aid program “dermatologist from the heart” in collaboration with La Fondation La Roche-Posay.