Pan-Pacific Skin Cancer Consortium


The Pan-Pacific Skin Cancer Consortium (PPSCC) is an initiative jointly sponsored by Arizona Cancer Center (AZCC), the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR), and the University of Queensland (UQ).
The objective of the PPSCC is to link outstanding researchers, teachers, and students from Australia and the United States and multiply efforts in prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancer.

The organization aims to establish:
+ New collaborations in skin cancer research utilizing the latest technologies and approaches
+ Proof-of-concept studies which will demonstrate the synergy that arises when multiple cancer research groups work together to address a major burden of disease in Australia and the United States
+ Standard practices and resource sharing for human skin cancer biospecimens between the two study sites.

The “Mobile Melanoma” dermoscopy training project for Primary Care Physicians represents one of the initiatives launched by the PPSCC over the past year.
The overall objective is to foster ongoing efforts in the early detection of melanoma by facilitating the dissemination of proven effective imaging technologies.