eDerm Follow Up


Common Practice

  • anamnesis
  • diagnosis and proposal of a therapy plan
  • subsequent medical rounds to examine the success of the therapy will be arranged

Subsequent Medical Rounds
According to findings the therapy will be adapted or retained and the next control visit will be arranged. An e-mail communication with the patient will be kept free of charge between visits.

This process is time- and cost-intensive for the medical expert as well as for the patient.

Benefits of Using the Application eDerm FOLLOW UP


  • less time consumption per patient
    • complex anamneses and clinical examinations will be replaced by structured text and picture information
    • faster determination of therapeutic procedure because of comparison of the stored data of former visits of the patient
  • improved time management in the ordination because of bundling of control visits
  • individualized customer ties
  • assured cost refund


  • less expenditure of time because of no travel time and no latency
  • continuous medical supervision of the therapy course without time conflicts
  • less treatment expenses